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When planning to install or upgrade a driveway, one of the key decisions to make is which material to use. Two popular options are tarmac (asphalt) and resin-bound surfaces. Both materials have their pros and cons, and the best choice depends on various factors such as budget, aesthetics, and maintenance requirements. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of tarmac and resin driveways, as well as compare their costs to help you make an informed decision when thinking of taking the plunge on your next driveway. Please remember, we are going to tell you the pro’s and con’s but your lifestyle factors, taste and budget will also play a factor too.

Tarmac Driveways


  • Cost-effective: Tarmac is typically less expensive than resin, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious homeowners.
  • Durability: Tarmac driveways are strong and can withstand heavy loads, making them suitable for areas with high traffic and heavy vehicles.
  • Quick installation: Tarmac can be laid and set relatively quickly, meaning your driveway will be ready for use in a shorter time.
  • Easy to repair: If damaged, tarmac can be easily patched and repaired, restoring the driveway’s appearance and functionality.


  • Aesthetics: Tarmac driveways have a more utilitarian appearance compared to resin-bound surfaces, which may not suit all property styles.
  • Heat sensitivity: Tarmac can soften in extreme heat, potentially leading to surface damage and deformation.
  • Maintenance: Tarmac driveways require periodic maintenance, such as sealing, to protect against water penetration, cracks, and other damage.
  • Limited design options: Tarmac driveways offer limited design options in terms of colors and patterns compared to resin-bound surfaces.

Resin-Bound Driveways


  • Aesthetics: Resin-bound driveways offer a wide range of colours and aggregates, allowing for greater customisation and a more visually appealing surface.
  • Permeability: Resin-bound surfaces are permeable, allowing water to drain through, reducing the risk of standing water and promoting a more sustainable drainage system.
  • Low maintenance: Resin driveways are resistant to weeds and require minimal maintenance, making them a low-maintenance option for homeowners.
  • Slip resistance: The texture of resin-bound surfaces provides good slip resistance, improving safety for pedestrians and vehicles.


  • Cost: Resin-bound driveways are generally more expensive than tarmac due to the materials and specialized installation process.
  • Installation: The installation of a resin-bound driveway requires skilled professionals, and the process can take longer compared to tarmac.
  • Potential for cracking: Resin-bound surfaces can be more susceptible to cracking due to ground movement or heavy loads, especially if not installed correctly.
  • UV sensitivity: Some resin-bound driveways can be sensitive to UV exposure, leading to colour fading and degradation over time.

Cost Comparison

The cost of installing a tarmac or resin-bound driveway depends on various factors such as size, location, and labor rates. On average, tarmac driveways tend to be more affordable, with prices ranging from £40 to £60 per square meter. In contrast, resin-bound driveways can cost between £50 and £100 per square meter.

It’s essential to consider not only the initial installation cost but also the long-term maintenance costs. While tarmac may be cheaper upfront, it could require more frequent maintenance, which can add up over time. Resin-bound driveways, on the other hand, may have higher initial costs but could save you money on maintenance in the long run.

Choosing between a tarmac and resin-bound driveway ultimately depends on your priorities, preferences, and budget. Tarmac driveways are an economical and durable option, but they may lack the aesthetic appeal and permeability of resin-bound surfaces. Resin driveways offer greater design flexibility, improved drainage, and low maintenance requirements but come with a higher price tag.

Before making a decision, consider factors such as the surrounding landscape, climate, and the amount of traffic your driveway will handle. It’s also essential to hire experienced professionals for the installation process to ensure the longevity and performance of your driveway, regardless of the material you choose.

By carefully weighing the pros and cons of tarmac and resin-bound driveways and evaluating your specific needs, you can select the best material to enhance your property’s curb appeal, functionality, and value. Remember that a well-constructed driveway is not only a practical addition to your home but also an investment that can enhance your property’s overall appeal and marketability.

Tarmac is a material that is used frequently because it has many benefits. We see it all the time in public spaces, but if you’re looking to get a brand-new driveway installed in your Banbury or Chipping Norton Oxfordshire property, then you could use tarmac just as effectively.

As a material, tarmac has many characteristics which make it a great choice. To make sure that you understand why this could be a great product for creating a driveway with, we are going to look at some of the top benefits here and now.

Made to be Tough

The first thing you should know about tarmac is that it is made to be tough. People use tarmac for a range of different situations, and it is frequently employed in public settings for good reason. Tarmac is very durable and can handle pretty much anything you try and expose it to.

Tarmac is highly weather-resistant, which means that it can deal with any kind of condition. Rain, snow, hail, and even thunderstorms are no match for tarmac. Furthermore, it’s also capable of handling bigger vehicles when they park because the smooth finish that the tarmac generates provides excellent skid resistance.

Tarmac is built to be long-lasting, which is why it is such a popular choice in public spaces. However, it can be just as effective in your home.

Value For Money

When choosing a brand-new driveway for yourself, it’s essential to make sure that you don’t spend masses of money to do so. This is why a lot of people choose to pick up a tarmac driveway, because it’s an alternative to a lot of other materials, and it’s also very cost-effective.

Tarmac is actually one of the cheapest solutions available and has a long lifespan attached to it. This makes it a great pick for anybody who is interested in the best results at a premium cost. Everybody likes a good deal!

Tarmac is Easy to Install

When you are searching for a brand-new material to use for your driveway, do you think about how easy something will be to install? Obviously, nobody wants extensive construction work taking place on their property for days at a time, which is why tarmac can be a good solution.

As a material, tarmac is easy to put down. You can install it with minimal fuss, and you do not even need to dig up the existing driveway to put down a brand-new tarmac one. One of the many benefits of tarmac is the fact that it can be used in pretty much any situation because you can just lay it down over the top of an existing surface. The material underneath the tarmac does not interfere with the strength or quality of the finished product.

Because tarmac is so easy to work with, the disruption to your everyday life is minimal. You can very easily get back to parking on your driveway as usual within a few days. A lot of homeowners like tarmac for that reason because it means they don’t have to worry about extensive construction work or waiting times.

tarmac driveway Chipping Norton

Easy Maintenance

Tarmac is one of those materials that can last for a long time because it is built to be durable. As we said, there is a reason why it is used in so many public settings. It can take a few years for any wear and tear to start showing up, and even when it does, it’s not difficult to fix.

Not only does tarmac have a very easy design to keep clean, as all you need is a pressure washer, and you can fix the majority of problems, but it’s also very easy to repair. You can fix the tarmac yourself, or you can hire a professional to provide maintenance to your Banbury and Oxfordshire property. In the event that the damage is too great, you can just apply another layer of tarmac with no issue.

Great Design

The good thing about a tarmac driveway is that it has a very flexible and simple design. Tarmac is not a complicated material to work with. It is designed to be clean, neat, durable, and reliable.

As a material, tarmac is designed to be highly flexible. Because it does not require a straight line in order to function, you can use it in a range of different situations. It is possible to fill out any kind of space or design with tarmac, so you have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing the ideal driveway for your needs. Even if your driveway has lots of curves and naturally winds up the terrain, you can still use tarmac.

Final Thoughts

So, it’s not particularly difficult to see why tarmac is such a beloved choice for a Banbury or Oxfordshire property. When it comes to picking the best choices for you, it’s important to acknowledge that you have a lot of different options.

Lots of homeowners will choose to work with tarmac because it is very easy to use. As materials go, it’s tough and simple, which means that you can keep using tarmac over and over again.

Tarmac is one of those materials that people use all the time because it’s very flexible. It lasts for a long time, and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, so it fits the fast-paced lifestyle that many people lead. Tarmac is appealing because it is built to last – nobody wants to spend half their free time messing around with maintenance.

Because tarmac is so easy to work with, it’s not difficult to see why people like it. Everybody likes the material that they don’t have to spend ages installing. Because tarmac can just be layered over any existing surface, it’s one of the most accessible materials to use. Naturally, you will need a professional to do that, but it’s well worth considering for your Banbury and Oxfordshire property because this will give you the best results.

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