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Picking the right kind of material to use for a driveway or an outdoor area is very difficult, which is why a lot of people choose to go with block paving slabs to get the best possible results. When you explore them at first glance, they definitely look the part, but why should people use them? Well, it’s a couple of different reasons why this might be the case.

We happen to know all about block paving slabs and why they are such a good choice, and to make sure that you understand exactly what it is you could be getting into, we are going to talk about why they are suitable for any kind of home.

Colours and Textures

The first thing that you need to understand about block paving slabs is that they are a very powerful resource because they can be used in a white selection of different ways. People use block paving slabs all the time, and this allows them to get some of the best results.

One of the big reasons why this is the case it’s because block paving slabs can come in a variety of different colours and textures. At the end of the day, there are plenty of different reasons why you can use block paving slabs, but it’s up to you to pick and choose the best possible results for yourself.

Suffice to say, they do come in a broad range of colours and textures, which means they can fit into practically any environment. It’s all well and good having a driveway or an outdoor area, but if it doesn’t match with the decorations of your home, then it’s not going to fit. That is why being able to customise block paving slabs to your needs is a good idea.

Below are a couple of examples of textures and colours of block paving regularly used for block paving driveways and patios.

slate tegula block pavingbracken charcoal block paving

Built to Last For the Long Haul

Something that you should probably consider when it comes to block paving slabs is that they are built to last. These are incredibly tough, incredibly adorable, incredibly pragmatic resources that have quite a bit of strength. Because of how they are designed, they are thick, sheer slabs of material, which means that they can go quite a long time without needing to be replaced or maintained.

Let’s be realistic about this. When it comes to paving slabs, you are obviously going to want to make sure that you invest in the right kind of material for your needs, which is obviously a challenge because no one wants to spend money replacing slabs every year. That’s why block paving slabs are a good choice because they are built to be quite tough and long-lasting. Depending on the material that you get, you could have some that last for years, whereas there are others that may need replacing every 12 to 18 months.

Ultimately, it’s all down to the kind of material that you use in the weather conditions where you live, but suffice to say, block paving slabs are often quite a reliable choice because they are built to be easy to use.

block paving

Easy to Install

One of the good things about block paving slabs is that they are quite easy to install. This means that you can use them with minimal fuss, which is exactly what a lot of people want.

When it comes to getting some of the best results with slabs, you’ve got a lot of different options. It’s up to you to be able to pick and choose exactly what kind of resources work best for you, and at the end of the day, there are plenty of different options to explore. It’s easy to install them, because you can get them cut to specific sizes.

Obviously, how easy it is to install something will be an important part of it. People don’t want to have to worry about whether or not they’ve got the necessary tools to install specialist options, which makes it a vital consideration. We can fully understand that when it comes to things like installation, you want the disruption to your life to be minimal.

Thankfully, block paving slabs are pretty easy to install, so you can just keep using them over and over again. It’s not difficult to see why you’ve got a lot of different results with this one, which makes it very easy to make the best decision.

Final Thoughts

So, there is a strong argument for using block paving slabs in your home, whether they form a path, driveway or outdoor space. What’s great about something like this is that you have plenty of different options at your disposal, so it’s not worth taking a look at what’s on offer. Block paving slabs can be a very useful resource because they are easy to work with and don’t have a lot of drawbacks. Obviously, the kind of material that you use will influence things to some extent, but it’s up to you to pick and choose.

The good thing about block paving slabs is that they can be incredibly durable as well. They are built to last, and you can use them in a wide range of different spaces because they can handle things like vehicles and people walking on them. They’re not decorative, they are functional, and even though they can look very pretty thanks to the different colours and textures on offer, it’s so important to remember that they can be used in other ways.

Something that we love about block paving slabs is that they are an effective resource that have a lot of practical applications. You can use them in many different situations, which makes it a great choice for people to explore. We definitely recommend that you take the time to experiment with them, and to pick the right material. One of the best things that you can do is have them cut to size, because this makes it easy to install them, and it means that regardless of what kind of shape you wanted for your outdoor space, you can have it.

Here at Direct Drives and Patios Banbury, we have over 30 years of installing quality block paving driveways and patios and there is literally nothing we don’t know about block paving. Our team are on hand all year round to provide you with quality advice and information so that you get the best materials and quality workmanship.


Indian sandstone is one of those materials which is popular the world over, based purely on the fact it can be highly attractive and unique in design. In fact, Indian sandstone is one of the most desirable paving slabs available.

So, what makes it such a good idea? Why is it so effective? There are a couple of different characteristics that make it something you should take a look at, and try and make sure that you get the best results, we are going to look at those characteristics here.

So What is Indian Sandstone?

So, what actually is Indian sandstone? Well, Indian stone slabs have been used since the 1990s in various locations. It’s a very particular kind of naturally occurring stone that you find in pathways, patios, and outdoor dining areas. As you can probably gather from the name, this particular kind of paving slab comes from India. Indian sandstone paving slabs often have a very naturally veiny look. However, it is exactly this design which makes them such a popular choice.

The great thing about Indian sandstone paving slabs is that within the landscaping community, they have a certain level of prestige and quality attached to them. They’re automatically a very glamorous kind of stone. However, what sets them apart from some of the other options on the list is that they don’t have that big price tag you would expect from a high-quality paving slab.

large Indian Sandstone patio

Why Use Indian Sandstone?

When it comes to Indian sandstone, one of the things that makes it such a popular choice is that regardless of what colour, size, or even texture that you go for, do you mind up with something that is ultimately sophisticated and stylish, but at the same time somehow modern and rustic all at once. Furthermore, the price for a set of Indian sandstone paving slabs is quite reasonable. This makes it good for people who want a splash of quality but don’t want to pay high prices.

These kinds of sandstone slabs are a little bit different from other comparable options because actually they look better as they get older. The more time that passes, the more weathered and rugged they look, which adds to the detail, and helps them to look even more impressive. You need to ensure you use a good quality Indian Sandstone supplier too, reputable and ideally a national supplier for added quality.

clear Indian Sandstone patio

One of the big reasons why Indian sandstone is so appealing is because it can be trusted to last for a long time. It’s a highly reliable and durable material, because of the way it has been constructed. Thanks to a formation period over many years that contains an amalgamation of different types of sand, the finished product of Indian sandstone is very tough. This is because the grains of sand that make it up contain things like quartz and cementing materials, which naturally form a cohesive binding agent. This makes sandstone pretty tough, and much more resistant to impact.

Something else that people often forget when it comes to Indian sandstone is the fact that it is highly durable. It’s very low maintenance as a result. You just have them put down, installed, and then sealed up.

Tough and Durable

Because of how it’s been formed and its different characteristics, Indian sandstone is a highly durable material. You can just forget about it for years at a time and there won’t be any ill effects. These kinds of slabs are also highly resistant to both harsh weather conditions and rain. If you install them correctly, Indian sandstone doesn’t really get damaged over time.

This exists in sharp contrast to a lot of paving materials, which are often subject to what we call freeze thaw weathering. This is a biological and chemical process that occurs when rain gets into tiny cracks inside material, and then freezes overnight, widening the gap. The next day, the frozen water melts again, more rain fills into the big gap, and the cycle repeats. This process doesn’t really happen with sandstone.

Finally, Indian sandstone is pretty easy to keep clean. Because it’s tough and durable, you can clean it without having to worry about damaging it, and you can even use a pressure washer to blast off a lot of the dirt and debris without taking away from the colour or upsetting the finish.

So, when it comes to Indian sandstone, it’s not difficult to see that it’s a pretty reliable material that can offer a lot. This kind of thing is great for anybody who is looking to get some of the best results when it comes to a high quality paving slab but doesn’t want to pay large amounts of money, because it has been designed to be pretty durable and long-lasting. At the end of the day, you just have to be prepared to take a look at different colours and finishes, because there are a lot of options. Trying to find the right style for you might take a minute, but it’s worth it.

We really like working with Indian sandstone paving slabs because not only do they look great, but they’re also highly reliable. At the end of the day, it’s important to recognise that you have a lot of different options with paving slabs like this, and you just have to be prepared to take a look at what’s available. It’s definitely not the easiest thing to do, and it can be pretty tough on a long-term basis, but it’s also worth it once you figure out that you have lots of options.

Indian sandstone might well be imported from India, but it’s actually highly affordable. Considering the quality that you get from the sandstone, it’s impressive just how accessible it is. This means if you wanted a taste of quality on a budget, you could easily get that. We work with options like this all the time, so it’s not particularly challenging for us to be able to set you up with some great Indian sandstone paving slabs, so take a look at what’s on offer.

Here at Direct Driveways and Patios, we are the leading installers of quality patios in the Banbury and Rugby areas. We don’t compromise on anything and you know when you work with us you get the best service guaranteed.

Our customer here in Banbury opted for the natural grey option for their new block paving driveway makeover and the team here at Direct Driveways and Patios wanted to show you the finished article. We all know that a well designed garden or well landscaped garden will add value to your home and will ensure you enjoy your outdoor space to the max and for over 20 years we have been the leaders in proving quality driveways throughout Banbury and Rugby areas.

When we met with the customer, they had already seen the scale of our work through our website so they had the confidence already in us that we were the company to work with on this driveway project.

front large block driveway

As you can see from the pictures, we went around the whole property as the customer wanted to keep everything as low maintenance as possible. The lighter colour edging really sets the distinction between the natural grey blocks and the surrounding sleeper beds we installed, you can see this on other projects in our portfolio gallery.

“We had already seen many of the projects completed by Direct Driveways & from that alone we knew they were the company for us.”

This was a larger project but our tight knit team spent no time in ensuring that we levelled the groundwork and expertly laid the blocks in herringbone formation to the highest standards working around the infrastructure of the garden fences and decking areas and to keep the continuity flowing throughout the property.

As the #1 preferred driveways company in Banbury we have built our reputation on quality and transparent quoting. We work with the best suppliers like Tobermore and Marshalls to ensure our customers get the best quality driveway materials and combined with our expert skills and machinery you will never get anything less than 100% with us.

So, we’re looking forward to a long busy summer and if you want to get your new driveway or patio completed then just get in touch today, we offer 10% off when you quote DIRECT10 so don’t forget to mention that when you call us.

Also, don’t forget to visit our Youtube channel and subscribe for future content.


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