Your Professional Block Pavers in Banbury, Chipping Norton & Surrounding Areas

Block Paving offers a highly decorative method surface which is suitable for a range of purposes, including driveways, paving, paths and car parking areas.

With a range of block styles and colours, we can create the finish to best suit your budget, requirements and location.

Block paving is a very popular choice for both driveways and patios, there are so many different types of blocks available and the styles and colours are endless. Here at Direct Drives & Patios we can provide quality block paving for your property that will add real kerb appeal and value to your home.

#1 Block Paving Driveway Company in Banbury

Over the past 25 years, we have installed 100s of block paving driveways in Banbury and surrounding areas. Unlike many other driveway companies, we do not ask for any payments upfront. This means we are low risk because you only pay us when you are 100% satisfied with our work.

There are a number of benefits using block paving for your driveway, it is great if you live in a modern home and you want a drive that compliments the character of your property. If you have an older property, having a cobblestone driveway may be a better option because of its aged appearance.

With so many different colour pavers available, we can create truly bespoke driveways with or without decorative features and borders.

Our team are one of the best block pavers in the Banbury area, so you know you’ll get a high quality block paving patio or driveway for your home that adds real value.

charcoal block paving driveway

When you choose Direct Drives & Patios for your block paving you’re making a lifetime investment into Banbury’s #1 block paving company with over 200 driveways completed. Our paving contractors are a long established tight team that can supply and design any block paving of your choice, we use quality suppliers like Tobermore, Tegula and Marshalls that are renowned for high quality block paving products.

When you choose a block paving driveway with Direct Driveways you’re making a lifetime decision of quality, we provide a 5 year guarantee across all our materials and labour and being local to Banbury means we are on hand for after care and service as you need it.

Popular Block Paving Patterns

While block paving can come in many forms with a variety of different designs, colours and sizes, there are a few go-to methods when it comes to aesthetics.

Here are the three block paving patterns you’re most likely to find throughout the Banbury area.

  • Stretcher Bond

    The most simplistic of all the flooring patterns, the classic stretcher bond look is one that never goes out of fashion.

    Also known as running bond or half bond, the joints of each block are offset exactly half the width of each block beneath and above it.

    The finished aesthetic provides a clean, uniform pattern from left to right, resembling a traditional brickwork pattern.

  • Herringbone

    Named for its likeness to the bones of a fish, herringbone paving is a common choice for driveway designs in particular, providing a common sense of direction in its pattern.

    The mechanics of the pavers also help ensure that the blocks won’t become displaced when vehicles brake and turn on them.

    The mesmerising pattern is achieved by interlocking slabs to create an arrowhead, zig-zag effect for a beguiling finish.

  • Basketweave

    Perhaps the most common and popular alternative to straight flooring pattern, the basketweave is named for its likeness to – you guessed it – a woven basket.

    The end-result of interlacing blocks create a visual that looks as though the slabs are weaving under and over each other.

    The traditional block paving basketweave pattern involves columns of pavers, alternating repeatedly between two vertical pavers on top of two horizontal pavers.

    This also comes in a variety of sub-categories and modifications, such as the Boxed Basketweave and the Californian Weave.

Some Tegula Block Paving Ranges

We are installers of the UK’s best block paving using the Tegula range which is regarded as some of the best in the world. You can visit their website here and find out more about this stunning range of block paving. It’s perfect for driveways, strong, durable and we are experts in installation.